The Museum and you


The Museum is part of the program ´Let no one be left out´ (“Que nadie quede afuera”) of de Ministry of Culture. This program has a magnetic ring system for hearing impaired persons, access ramps, and staff prepared in LSA (in Spanish Argentine Sign Language).

Imagen de los visitantes del museo durante una exposición


The Museum holds a specialized library in numismatic, Argentine history and museology. This library is updated regularly by incorporating books, magazines, catalogues and other national and foreign publications.

Moreover, the Museum provides assessment for students at every level, encouraging research and promoting historical, numismatic and artistic papers for the different levels and in accordance with the study programs. .

School visits

We receive school trips from different educational levels and we offer them a guided activity through different audiovisual media on the history of Argentine currency and the money cycle. This activity finishes with a visit to the Museum rooms and didactic material delivery.