Financial Dictionary

This Portal provides you with a complete dictionary of banking and financial terms so that you can correctly understand what you are reading at all times.

On the one hand you will find an alphabetical search engine that looks up the first letter of the word, for example, if you want to find the definition of “demand deposit”, you must click on letter “D” and then move about the page until finding the term you are looking for.

You can also use the term search function. In this case, a new window will open where you should type the term you want to search and you will find its definition. To continue with the same example we used above, you can either enter the word “deposit” or “demand” since the search engine analyzes and displays all the options available for each term.

It is worth nothing that the definitions contained in this dictionary are written in a simplified language for the sole purpose of making available to the user easy to understand definitions of the financial terms used in this site. Therefore, they lack the academic rigor that is characteristic of a technical dictionary.

Dictionary (in Spanish).