Using an automatic teller machine (ATM)

In order to use an ATM, the user must have card and password.

The password given by the Bank only allows accessing the system in order to create a user and a new password that must only be known by us.

Passwords must be safe and updated regularly. Moreover, they must be difficult to guess and easy to remember.

The services provided by ATMs are as follows: Imagen alusiva sobre cómo usar un cajero automático

  • - Check balances of such accounts

  • - Fund transfers between the same accounts

  • - Payment of public services and similar services

  • - Issuance and withdrawal order of fixed-time deposits

  • - Any other banking service that can be provided without human intervention, whether this service depends on the bank or not.

In order to understand the mechanics of an ATM you may access a simulator by clicking here.

Should you have any difficulty in using an ATM, do not accept the cooperation of strangers. In view of this situation you should contact your bank and the ATM´s administrator.

In order to avoid any inconvenient, you should not type your password in the presence of third parties, keep you magnetic card in a safe place and check periodically that you have your credit card.

Please do not forget to withdraw the magnetic card upon completion of your transaction.