#SaberEsCentral, a new digital content platform

April 23, 2019. With the aim of promoting financial education, the BCRA has announced the launch of a digital content platform which will provide information about regulations that promote a greater use of bank accounts and electronic means of payment.

#SaberEsCentral has a microsite and several posts on social media. This new tool focuses on 8 regulations that are explained in detail so that financial users may better understand them and use them more often:

-Instant and free transfers
-Social security accounts
-Salary accounts for household employees
-Accounts for social aid programs
-Salary accounts opened by workers
-Simplification of any type of account closure process
-Current accounts for simplified joint-stock companies
-E-check deposits

In #SaberEsCentral, BCRA’s officials explain, together with a family of digital characters created for this campaign, the advantages and benefits of these regulations.

The campaign was developed jointly by the Financial Regulations Deputy General Management Office and the Communications and Community Relations Senior Management Office.

“Fostering the use of tools and services that promote financial inclusion is under the responsibility of the Central Bank of Argentina; in this way the economic development of the population is encouraged,” explained Agustín Torcassi, Financial Regulations Deputy General Manager. One of the main goals of our institution is to make these initiatives publicly known and raise people’s awareness of the advantages of digital technology to streamline their daily business.

In order to achieve this goal, we have developed #SaberEsCentral, a content platform that provides clear and concise information about financial tools and services that improve citizens’ quality of life.”

Pablo Abiad, Communications and Community Relations Senior Manager, claims that the campaign #SaberEsCentral focuses on letting people know about their long-existing rights emerging from BCRA regulations; this is so because not many people are aware of them. “This initiative is for both experienced as well as new financial users. In this sense, we aim to reach a multi-target audience. Basically, it is a digital, down-to-earth, plain and straightforward campaign, in which Central Bank’s officials participate alongside with digital characters that have been created so that they reinforce the messages for each audience.”

One of the main responsibilities of the BCRA is to promote and foster financial inclusion. #SaberEsCentral therefore becomes a key tool for making people increase their financial capabilities and, consequently, achieve greater economic development.

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